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Legal Services

Real Estate Law

Be it a green field or industrial land, a studio apartment or an apartment building: the acquisition, development and transfer of real estate requires comprehensive expertise to be economically optimized and future-oriented. We provide our clients with legal advice in all matters relating to real estate and construction projects: from the selection procedure through development and management to the transfer of payment or gratuitous transmission. If necessary, we have access to a proven network of specialized intermediaries, architects, planners and experts. Our goal is to avoid conflicts or to solve them quickly by providing advice on real estate and construction projects. In case of controversy, we ensure effective enforcement of interest in court or arbitration.


  • Legal management of real estate transactions (due diligence, contract review and contract drafting, fiduciary settlement, settlement with land register courts)
  • Accompanying legal advice on construction projects from the start-up to the expiry of the warranty phase (construction process, architects ‘and engineers’ contracts, (general) entrepreneur and other contracts for work, financing and support measures, claim management)
  • Consultancy and contract design for rent and lease
  • Advice and contract design for housing and co-ownership
  • Representation before courts, arbitration courts, arbitration boards and other authorities in all real estate and construction law disputes

Contact: Thomas Starlinger, Karina Moneta